Purchase of loans and debts

In addition to being able to consolidate real estate loans and credits consolidation, the purchase of credits can also buy the debts of the borrower.

Why buy back credits and debts?

credits and debts

The redemption of credits allows to group together in one credit the various loans of the borrower. It also allows the restructuring of its debts . A borrower with a mortgage for his apartment, a car loan, a bank overdraft and late tax payments can all group together to have only one monthly payment. It will be reduced by extending the loan and revising the interest rate. This requires that the lenders accept the borrower’s file. Banks carry out the same study as in a real estate loan, so transparency is the best solution to facilitate their decision.

If the repurchase of credits and debts is carried out, the borrower will then have only one claim to a single lending institution. Former creditors are reimbursed as soon as the credit redemption is signed. The borrower can then find a reasonable debt ratio and a financial balance.

The purchase of loans and debts is open to all (subject to acceptance by banks) and may be amortized over a period of up to 12 years.

What debts can be bought back?


The repurchase of credit allows the consolidation of different debts:

  • Bank overdrafts
  • Late payments of taxes
  • Late payments of rent or condominium fees
  • Family debts or debts to private lenders
  • Payday advances and employer loan

In all cases, the borrower will have to make a request of situation with the establishments concerned. This request for a situation will enable the lending institutions to have an exact inventory of the borrower’s claims.

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